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Dead Mall Press is run entirely by me, R.M. Haines (known by my friends as Matt). I was raised in a rural, southern Ohio town of about 3,000 people. I'm a first generation college graduate, holding also an MFA and PhD. I left Ohio in 2003 and have since lived in southern California and northern Texas, moving primarily for graduate school. Currently, I live in Indiana where I work as an adjunct instructor in composition and creative writing. 

My writing has appeared in a variety of places, most recently Protean, Prolit, and Not for Resale. In addition, my first full-length collection of poems, A Dark Address, was released in April 2020 as a free PDF. Publishing it that way was largely a political decision against the conventional, career-oriented routes to publication that were available to me. That same year, my essay "Poets Should Be Socialists" appeared, and it continues to circulate online.

In March of 2022, I started this press, and through it I've released four chapbooks of my own work: Dysnomia, Civil Society, Three Essays, and Interrogation Days. In 2023, the press began publishing other writers' work as well, with six books scheduled for release. As of May 2023, the press has managed to donate over $1500 to orgs such as the Transgender Education Network of Texas, New Leaf New Life (in Bloomington, IN), the Guantanamo Survivors’ Fund, Confluence HRKC (in Kansas City, MO), and the Urban Youth Collaborative (NYC). 

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