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Summary & Receipts for July 2023

Updated: Jul 9

Now that the Summer 2023 pre-order period is over and the chapbooks by MJ Stratton and Tim Carter have begun shipping into the world, I want to give a brief summary of sales and provide receipts for the donation to the Urban Youth Collaborative of NYC. I do this after every sales period as part of the press's commitment to transparency.

In total, the press sold 124 booklets, with the new titles by Tim Carter and MJ Stratton making up the overwhelming majority. Tim and MJ sold an average of 53 copies each spread across 71 individual sales (there were a few bulk sales). Both writers sold above 50 copies, which is a first for the press. The two writers also earned an average of $326.35 each for their work, which is the highest pay out yet.

Also, I'm very happy to report that the donation to the Urban Youth Collaborative totaled $340.35 (plus extra to cover their processing fees). As our goal in each sales period is $200 for donation, this is excellent. Here are receipts from the donation (Note: Make the Road NY is one of the three local groups collaborating to form the UYC):

Lastly, the press itself brought in $364.35. Deducting various expenses and costs of production during this period, that means a profit of $104.83. Adding this profit to the press's previous balance, we now have a total surplus of $664.31. (If we take into account that $500 of this was a generous donation from a friend and supporter of the press, the press has officially earned $164 through its own production). This surplus will be allocated in coming years to pay for ink and paper, upgraded supplies, and the cost of the website itself (from Wix). Previously I ran the press off of my personal website, which I paid for separately; however, now that the whole site has been devoted to the press, I will be charging its cost of $16 per month (or $192 per year) against this balance. (Note: I do not like the idea of paying so much to Wix, and it came about this way bc I don't know anything about building websites and built this site back in 2017. It has gotten more expensive by the year, and doing it this way compromises the values of the press to some extent. Eventually I hope to find another way of locating the press online. More on this in the future.)

OK that is all for now! Thanks to all who supported, bought books, and came out to the reading on July 7th! And my gratitude to Tim and MJ for trusting me with their work and for writing such wonderful poems. I appreciate you all! <3

-RM Haines

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