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New Fund-Raising for Palestine

Updated: Oct 18

Like many of you, I have personally felt overwhelmed and sick with the unfolding news from Palestine. Most of my time recently has been spent learning, communicating, sending emails, making phone calls, and generally doing whatever I can to prevent this horror from continuing to unfold and to push for a free Palestine.

Because DMP has a platform (however small), I want to use it to advance this message of solidarity with Gaza. Especially considering that this is an anti-capitalist press -- one that combines its material practices and political principles with literary production -- I believe that pursuing this in a context of Palestinian liberation is essential. And I believe such messaging is all the more vital when many literary orgs failed so miserably to offer any meaningful support to the Palestinians -- or simply to name the genocide we all plainly see unfolding

On October 12th, I announced a $200 donation to the Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA) who will provide aid to displaced and fleeing families in Gaza. Today, and retroactively for purchases from 10/12 to date, I am going to forgo all income for the press and donate that money to Medical Aid for Palestinians. What this means is that the $3 I would normally keep from each sale will instead be donated. In addition, I am going to match that amount with a personal donation to the same org. In other words, each book purchased gives $6 to Gaza. Receipts for all of this will be provided after books are shipped in early November (just as receipts have been provided for all previous donations).

Additionally, I call on all of you who are able to donate money to one of the following organizations:

As an added incentive, if you email me ( a receipt for a donation of $20 or more to one of these orgs, I will send you all four of my own chapbooks for free (including shipping). Just be sure to include a mailing address as well. I know it's not much, but it's what I have to give.

Altogether, what this means is each sale of the new books on pre-order will raise $6 for Medical Aid for Palestinians, $3 for Community Action Relief Project (CARP) in Philly, and $6 for the writers, Jonathon Todd and Corey Qureshi.


Thank you for reading.

-RM Haines

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