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Summary & Receipts for Spring 2023

Updated: May 5

As always, after a book launches I like to provide a summary of sales and a receipt for donations. I’ll try to keep this one as concise as possible, as I know some of the book-keeping info gets tedious. But the goal is transparency, so just having the info out there and available is the main thing.

From March 6th to April 11th, the press sold 76 booklets (mostly titles by Franziska and Amalia, but a handful of my older booklets too) and brought in $891. Of this amount, 50% went to the writers, with each making an average of $225 and selling at least 30 copies each. The rest was split equally between the press and Confluence HRKC, resulting in a donation to Confluence of $241 (made in two separate donations):

As far as the press's finances, I recouped all production costs and actually earned a profit of $30. This profit is added to the overall surplus prior to this round of sales – along with a few unexpected sales in January (more on this below) -- leaving the press with a total surplus of $565. This will be held onto as a cushion to offset future purchases of ink, supplies, and any possible emergencies (e.g. printer breaks down).

All this means that, So far, the press’s model has proven successful. I was able to publish and pay two other writers, as well as allocate money for donation, and still do a bit better than breaking even. Put differently: my approach to allows me to part with 75% of all income and still not go into deficit. This is very encouraging to me and puts me in a good position as I gear up for the next round of books.

Lastly, I want to share a receipt for one extra donation of $19 to the GTMO Survivors Fund, from purchases of my chapbooks made in the month of January. This brings the total donation for this org to $245:

That is all for now! thanks to all who supported, bought books, and came out to the reading on April 3rd! And a huge thank you to Amalia and Franziska for trusting me with their work and for being such brilliant writers. I appreciate you all so much <3

-RM Haines

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