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Updated: May 5

Dead Mall Press is happy to announce that two new chapbooks are now available for pre-order! This marks the beginning of a new phase for the press, and I am thrilled to share these writers' books with you. In addition, sales will help raise money for Confluence HRKC, a harm reduction organization for drug users and their loved ones in Kansas City, MO. Read more below!


THE PRIMITIVE ACCUMULATION OF REALNESS, by Amalia Tenuta, is a collection of (anti-) lyric and visual poetry that collides relentlessly with the possibilities of life under racial capitalism. The language moves through a kaleidoscope of registers and modes, from citation to illustration to a damaged and vital lyricism. At its core is a sustained examination of gender, of how we theorize it, and of the irreducibility of transgender life. (29 pages, 8.5' x 7" booklet, $12)

SORRY TO MISS YOU, by Franziska Hofhansel, is an interwoven collection of poetry and fiction in which we encounter radicalized fish, a dialogue involving a paint chip, and a border between Wal-Mart and God’s love. Through a mixture of the cosmic and the intimate, the real and the unreal, the voices here almost vibrate with feeling as they lead us through our own mesmerizing and insane world. (28 pages, 5.5" x 8.5" booklet, $12)

Both books will ship on April 3rd. To find more info about each book and to place an order, please visit the DMP website.


All sales will be split 50/50 between writer and press. Of the press's half, 50% -- or a quarter of all sales from both books -- will be donated to Confluence HRKC, "a harm reduction collective serving people who use drugs and those who love them in the Kansas City, MO area." This organization was agreed upon by myself (RM) and both writers (Amalia and Franziska), and we are proud to support their work providing autonomy and life-saving care for a criminalized and vulnerable population. Receipts for this donation will be provided at the end of the pre-order period.

Thank you for reading, and as always, thank you for supporting Dead Mall Press!

RM Haines

Dead Mall Press

Twitter: @deadmallpress



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